• September 25, 2022
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    Updated: Sep. 25 (20:54)

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  • Unions Help Everybody

    I am not sure where Kathy Evans (Dec. 20) works, but whether she belongs to a union or not, she has gotten the benefit of one. She is kidding herself when she says they are obsolete. Because of unions you work five days a week, you get a decent wage, decent benefits, and are treated fairly. You surely don’t think we have these things out of the kindness of the heart of a business, do you? Michigan will soon be cutting pay, jobs and benefits without unions.

    Our union even agreed to a pay cut to help our company get through tough times. Don’t blame unions for driving big business out of an area. That comes from the states that come up with restrictive laws, and managers getting astronomical bonuses even if the company is not doing well.

    Michigan will be the one crying in the future when they can’t get good help. Detroit is in the situation they are because of their lawmakers, not because of the unions. People should not have to work two jobs to make a decent living.

    Betty Foley

    Spokane Valley


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